Services overview

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Pallet Racking

The most common method of storing pallets/goods, a storage system designed to provide ready access to every pallet. Pallet racking is ideal for storage of multiple SKUs and is perfect where flexibility, easy access and speed of operation is required. Pallet Racking can be reconfigured or relocated. This makes it the most flexible storage system

Bolted / Boltfree Shelving System

Shelving systems come in all sizes and various shapes, and are able to bear the weight of light, medium and heavy duty goods, and can be used in all areas such as retail or warehouse requirements

Drive In/ Drive Trough Racking

Drive-in racking allows for the most effective use of space. The high density of storage attained, and the relative ease or accessibility, make this rack system ideal for cold storage, bulk storage and production areas. Drive In racking is recommended where multiple unit SKU’s need to be stored

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking systems can be single sided or double sided and is ideal for storing long goods or other bulky items. This system is used to store steel pipes, wooden planks, profiles and much more

Single and Multi-Tier Systems

Multitier storage facility is building of two or more levels of storage system. ie having the same ground storage layout above Walkways, staircases & lifts provide means of accesses to the storage areas above. This system is a very cost effective and can be built for various load requirements Best suited for small parts storage and other handloaded items

Mezanine Systems

Structural or Rack supported mezzanine floors can maximize the use of space and multiply the available floor space. Large open areas above and below the mezzanine can be built up for maximum working space. These additional spaces can be utilized for various requirements like Offices, dispatch, packing, storage etc

Warehouse Accssories

Ladders, Pick trolleys, Hand Pallet Trucks, Cage Pallets and much more

Costom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication for special requirements and operations such as Cage Partation, Acesses Platforms, Work Tables etc

Design Supply And InstallShelving & Racking + Warehouse Acesseries